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How to Choose the Best Bra Style for Your Breast Shape? (All You Need to Know)

As it turns out, there isn’t a single bra style for every breast shape. If you consider bras to be a must-have wardrobe essential. You might want to pay attention to what follows next.

One of the most common mistakes made by women is choosing the wrong bra style. Either they buy a band that’s too tight or a cup that’s too loose. Or vice versa. The goal here is to find the ideal fit and shape of a bra. To suit not only your bust size but its shape and firmness!

If you keep on reading, you’ll soon find out how to choose the best bra style for your breast shape.

How to Choose the Best Bra Style for Your Breast Shape

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In total, there are 7 different types of breast shapes. When buying a new bra, it is important to know how each impact a bra fit and style.

A bra, in many ways, can either make or break your comfort needs. So if you’re not aware of it yet, there is such a thing as the perfect bra for the specific breast size.

#1 Bell Shape


The bell shape may be the most natural breast shape for women. That is when the breast shape is narrower at the top than the bottom. To support breasts that are full at the bottom only. You need a T-shirt bra with cups that lift your breasts up.

Even a full-coverage bra for bustier women is ideal. It lets your breasts sit comfortably inside each cup. While enhancing and cradling them without exerting too much pressure.

#2 Round Shape

When your breasts are round, they can also be self-supported. That is when the breast shape is full both at the top and the bottom. Round breasts, then, work with most bra styles.

This includes balconette, wireless, t-shirt, or demi bras. Cause they’re most likely to be self-supported. Wear bras that slightly enhance your cleavage like a balconette bra. They’re perfect for shape, comfort, and support.

#3 Wide-Set or Splayed Shape

This is when your breasts are wider apart to each other. In other words, it’s when one breast is facing east while the other is facing west.

To support such breasts, you need the best bra for wide-set breasts. Other appealing bras include plunge-type bras and racerback bras. They provide back support to bring both breasts together without squishing your cleavage.

#4 AsymmetricShape

If one breast is larger than the other, you have asymmetric breasts. You might think you’re the only one. But asymmetric breasts are surprisingly common. And the bra that works for such dissimilar breasts is a plunge bra.

You can also try wearing a contour bra for proper shaping and firmness. Say you’re wearing a clingy top; you need to make sure the padding on each cup is proper. Only a t-shirt bra can make the uneven shape look invisible. And for better cleavage, a demi bra goes a long way.

#5 Teardrop Shape

Teardrop shape breasts are full but slightly fuller at the bottom. Teardrop shape breasts come closest to what normal breasts look like.

And the bra that goes with such a shape is coverage and lift-type bra. This can be full-coverage, balconette, t-shirt, racerback, and minimizer bras.

#6 Conical Shape

Conical is cone-like and breasts under this shape category are the most natural. But it does have its own share of problems. Women with conical shape breasts face cup size issues. Bigger cups are a complete no-no for this.

What you want are bras with smaller cups such as contour and push-up bras. Such bras offer smaller than C cup sizes which is ideal. Other choices of bras can be bandeau bras, compression sports bras, and minimizer bras.

#7 Thin and Long Shape

Breasts that are thin and long have a smaller circumference than standard shapes. This makes the breast shape look narrower and slimmer. What you need for such a breast shape is enough padding.

In non-padded bras, the elongated shape looks awkward and feels unsupported. Bras with underwire and pads do a great job at lifting your breasts. You need padding along the sides too. And good contour bras allow your breasts to fill each cup. Providing a better breast shape, enhanced cleavage, and breathability.


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It’s not simply knowing how to choose the best bra style for your breast shape. Especially since there are so many different breast shapes to know which one is yours. Not to forget, there are more than plenty types of bra styles to choose from.

In this article, it is important to clarify your doubts about the breast shape. Once you classify your breast shape, you will be able to find your ideal bra style. The ones mentioned above are the most common and natural ones.

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