Balenciaga is a French fashion house that is an epitome of sophistication and style among the elite.

It was founded in 1919 by Cristóbal Balenciaga, the legendary couturier who started his fashion career at 12 years of age.

One item that is widely popular among all the luxury articles produced by the renowned fashion house is the Balenciaga bag.

Over the years, Balenciaga bags have become sought-after among the beau monde as they serve twin purposes of functionality and style.

A Balenciaga bag is more than a fashion accessory; it is more of a collectible than anything else.

But what makes a Balenciaga handbag a must-have among fashion-savvy clique?

Here are a few reasons why you should buy a Balenciaga bag:


Not everyone owns a Balenciaga handbag as the most sought-after ones are made in low numbers and thus harder to find in stores and online.

This means that Balenciaga handbags are somewhat exclusive items which match and even beat other signature brands in the industry.

The Balenciaga look

Balenciaga handbags do not have a logo, yet one can unmistakably spot a Balenciaga bag with its thin-cut leather and distinctive features.

The ultra-modern designs, as well as unique colors, contribute to the overall Balenciaga look, and this makes the designer bags one of the hottest in the market all the time.

Premium Quality

Balenciaga bags are renowned for their softness, and this is as a result of the use of calfskin or lambskin leather in creating them. A Balenciaga bag is hand sewn – which adds to its essence – thus giving it a high-quality feel and look.

Each Balenciaga bag is created with one intention only; enhanced durability. This feature has remained till date and has not been compromised in any way.

Novel Colors

No other fashion brand blends colors like Balenciaga. From neon, browns, beige, and blacks, Balenciaga bags are a sight for sore eyes as they showcase supreme blends.

The luxury fashion house releases half a dozen trendy and new hues at least twice every year, meaning that there are enough colorful Balenciaga handbags available for every fashionista out there.

Size and Shape for All Occasions

Balenciaga bags also come in a variety of sizes and shapes that fit any event. Satchels, hobos, etc. are among the most regular designer bags, and are also available in different sizes or shapes.

This implies that no matter the type of occasion or event you want to attend, there is a matching Balenciaga bag for you!


The trait that is synonymous to Balenciaga bags is the thin leather used in crafting them. Most couture and designer handbags are created using thick materials which increase their weight considerably.

But Balenciaga pieces are lighter than most designer handbags despite the iterations that are inserted in the giant hardware.

Therefore, a Balenciaga bag is ideal to carry around all day without feeling tired stressed.

Hopefully, these reasons are more than enough to get you on your way to securing your own Balenciaga bag and adding it to your collection of designer handbags.