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Revive Your Synthetic Wigs The Right Way: A Glance At Effective Cleanup Techniques!

To all the wig wearers, they know the facts about hair loss and that is why they are wearing one. Wigs have always proved to be a boon for the balding whether the condition is due to some medical ailment or it’s just a gene effect. Short wig or long wig, these artificial hair has always acted as an extension of one’s personality. However, like every accessory loses its shine after some time, the wigs too are subject to wear and tear. If not maintained the right way, they can become useless. Therefore, it’s imperative to treat them with love and care from time to time.

Synthetic Wigs

So let’s first start with how to clean wigs:

Whether you wear a synthetic wig or a human hair wig, both of them require maintenance up to some extent. However, synthetic ones are less demanding than human hair wigs. They let you have perfect hair every day without any additional efforts. Their ease of wearing and preset styling make them one of the most used hair alternative and the least maintained too. As a result, their beauty tends to fade away and they become extremely itchy. So, in this section, we’ll outline some wig cleaning tips and sure shot methods to overcome itchy wigs.

  • Make sure you use only synthetic wig shampoo for wig cleaning. Using any regular shampoo can make it dry and frizzy. In order to retain the softness and luster of your synthetic wig, always go with the prescribed products.
  • Before shampooing it, brush it gently with a wire brush to remove any tangles. Do not use the regular brush here as it can damage its fibers.
  • Never ever give hot water cleanup to your synthetic wig.
  • No twisting or wringing your wig. Simply blot it dry with a towel.
  • Dry it completely before styling it. Never style a wet wig.
  • Once dried and not in use, store it on a wig stand to maintain its form and style.
  • It is recommended to wash your synthetic wig at least once in fourteen days. This maintains the wig vibrancy.

Now, talking about the itchiness caused, well, this can be averted by keeping these simple things in mind:

  • Pick the correct size cap to stay comfortable in your stylish synthetic wig
  • Wear mesh, bamboo or cotton wig caps as they absorb excess sweat and acts as a buffer between your scalp and the wig. This is one of the best ways to overcome itching.
  • You can even wear a cushion band underneath your wig as it provides soft padding, making it extremely comfortable to wear a wig.
  • Disposable wig liners are some other tried and tested ways to keep your synthetic wigs itch-free.

All in all, it takes both the right cleaning and effective use of wig gears to create a perfect wig look.  Wigs are instant look changers; give them the right care to harness the best out of them.