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How to Style Your Inner Beach Babe


Summer’s just around the corner, and you’ve waited for the whole year to shed those baggy, oversized clothes for lighter clothes. There is no better time to unleash your inner beach babe than during the upcoming warm season. If you’ve ever dreamed of rocking the beach-babe look, look no further because there are tips here for you.

If you are unsure whether you want to channel Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson, or Farrah Fawcett, why choose when you can get elements from their respective beach-babe styles and combine them to make your own? You don’t necessarily have to be blonde to pull it off; all you need are some little changes in your beauty and styling routine.

Here are some ways to pull your inner beach babe out of the shadows and into the sun.

Beachy Waves

Beach babe is almost synonymous with beach waves, so if you want to get that look, start by getting some serious waves on your hair. The key to pulling off this kind of hairstyle is to not make it look forced. Fortunately, there is little to no chance you can mess this up.

To get the classic beach waves, you can either use a curling iron or go through the no-heat route. Remember, if you do end up with too-perfect curls, you can muss it up a little bit with the use of your fingers. If you need more volume or texturing, consider getting some sea-salt spray.


Bronze Up

Beach babes are usually tanned, but if you don’t like the idea of being exposed under the harsh sun, you can add some natural warm glow with some bronzer. Make sure to swipe some bronzer in places where the sun would naturally hit your face, like your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. You can also opt to have some light fake tan to match it.

Remember, you can always get a natural tan on your own, but do put on some sunscreen and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.

Dress Appropriately

It’s the season to shed heavy clothing, so take your summer apparel out of storage. If you find yourself looking at clothes that aren’t to your taste anymore, you can always go shopping to get that beach-babe vibe you’ve always wanted. You can offset the expenses by selling some of your clothes online.

Rompers and flowy maxi dresses are always good to have. You can also update your closet with some new, flattering swimsuit while you’re at it. When in doubt, check out style guides on the internet or ask for advice.



If you’ve brought the right swimwear and clothes, then up your style game even further with some basic accessories. You can go for investment pieces such as timeless large earrings or oversized bangles, or you can go with what’s trendy right now.

Remember that hanging by the beach and living your beach-babe dream will tend to expose you to a lot of sun and salt, so make sure you know what pieces to put your money on.

Get Fit

Being a beach babe is more than just sunkissed skin and natural highlights; it’s also about having toned legs and having a fit body. If you’re already going to the gym, use the summer as your fitspiration.

If you’re not burning up sweat, then start as early as possible. There are a lot of things you can do to get in shape. You can try many kinds of exercises and yoga, or you can even try getting into extreme sports like surfing or something tame like beachside volleyball.


Whether you’re just going to the local beach or going to a dream vacation in the Maldives, no beach babe is complete without a handy tote in tow. Your beach bag should contain all the essentials for frolicking under the hot sun. The most important items to bring include sunscreen, water, and a towel.

If you’re on a vacation, it makes sense to take a different bag with you even if you’re only away for a couple of days. A beach bag is no match for a sensible weekender bag, which is spacious enough to carry not only your swim gear but normal clothes as well.

Put Some Color On

If you just want to rock the beach-babe look without actually going to the beach, you can use makeup to achieve that natural flush. Go for orange-pink hues or shades of coral to match with your tan. If your skin tone is on the warmer side, you can go for yellower coral hues, and if you’re cool-toned, go for the ones with red undertones.

Summer Is Here before You Know It

If you want to be ready for the summer, you need to make preparations as soon as you can. The most important thing about the warmer season is that you have fun and spend time with friends and family.

Do you have beach-babe-styling tips you want to share? Sound off in the comments below.