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Benefit of Instagram Engagement To Fashion, Beauty and Style Bloggers


Instagram is one of the most significant social channels around. And any Fashion, Beauty and Style marketer who is not yet utilizing it is missing something really awesome. Whether you manage the social media of a small business, big corporation, or maybe you are utilizing it to promote your own personal brand, using Instagram is a great working strategy you can make use of. So, using Instagram to boost your fashion and style post or business is a great effective way.

The following reasons are why Instagram engagement is useful:

– Visual content is important to your marketing strategy: Pictures are the most engaging content online, with visual posts producing 95% higher engagement than only texts. It shows that Instagram is a great platform to involve your fans and also it also motivate them to keep coming back for more. Utilizing Instagram to test what resonates with your audience visually will assist you improve your branding across the board. So, uploading visual content about your fashion brands, style will help a lot in enhancing your products.

–  You can reach a lot of individuals through Instagram Engagement: With over 700 million monthly users on the Instagram platform, Instagram offers businesses a bug potential audience. When you post on Instagram, make sure you utilize hashtags so it will get to your target audience. Just make sure you use hashtags that are relevant and also you can create targeted hashtags to reach even more potential customers.

– It is the perfect chance to engage with your community: Instagram actually possess the highest average engagement rate of all the social media channels beating Twitter and Facebook. In fact, Instagram possess the highest  brand engagement rate which means that Instagram is more open to branded content than on other social media platforms. A good start for generating engagement is to follow individuals talking about your products or brand and also comment on their videos and pictures.

– It provide a huge source of useful insights and feedback: As a marketer that is smart, you need to monitor conversations about your products and brands on social media. You can follow up your mentions on blogs, forums, etc. So, whether or not your product is present on the platform, individuals will still utilize it to talk about your products. They are already publishing photos of the products they purchase from you, commenting on each others content about your brand and also recording videos.


– It is great for keeping an eye on your competitors: You , might not utilize Instagram as a channel which is used for marketing yet but your competitors are using it already, So utilize this platform to follow their activity to know how they do interact with their community. Know what content they post? How they engage with their fans? How often they post? Do they have an Instagram contest running? By knowing these questions you will be able to know the best practices in your fashion and style industry and also define your own creative strategy.

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