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Choosing the Right Drumming Shoes, Time to Step up Your Game


If you are an amateur drummer or a seasoned veteran, choosing the appropriate drumming footwear can help your drumming game. In this quick guide were going to include a list of the best drumming shoes for you. We’re also going to show you what to look for when picking drumming shoes. have a great guide also, but now let focus on this one.

What should you look for in drumming shoes?

Not all shoes are ideal for drumming,  so here are a couple of tips on what to look for in a pair if drumming shoe.


  • Weight


The lighter, the better.

  • Grip

Are you looking for power or speed?  Drumming shoes with extra grip is ideal when you need the extra power. Slippery shoes are better for speed.

  • Material

Flexibility in sports is very important for the professional athlete. It is no coincidence that most athlete kits are made out flexible material due to the advantages.

The same principle applies for the material in your drumming shoes. You do not want anything that will restrict your movement when playing. So choosing a flexible material should be your goal.

Thin leather and canvas are recommended.

    1. 1. Vratim Drum shoe

    Rounding out the top of our list is the Vratim Drum shoe. Vratim was a company founded specifically for the purpose of making amazing drumming shoes. They did not disappoint!

The thin sole combined with the right amount of grip are the perfect combination of both speed and power. Moderately priced,  lightweight and durable, these shoes are starting to be used by many professional drummers. This makes a bold statement on the quality of the Vratim Drum shoe.

    1. 2.  dB groove shoe

The dB groove shoe is a shoe designed by a drummer for drummers.

It is an extremely lightweight shoe made out of very flexible material. It also comes with anti-fungal sock lining. This helps to prevent odor especially when worn without socks.

They also look pretty cool which is an added bonus.

    1. 3. Reebok Pheehan


Designed for the runner but ideal for the drummer. The thick sole in the Pheehan is especially good for playing rock music. And they’re also comfy!


The Reebok Pheehan is also made of very breathable materials which helps prevent sweating while playing. When you’re done playing, head on right to the gym; no need to change shoes!

    1. 4. Vivobarefoot Men’s Ra II Classic Oxford

If you’re playing a gig where you have to wear a tuxedo, then perhaps the Reebok Pheehan might not be the best choice. In cases like these, you might want to go with the Vivobarefoot.


These Classic Oxfords are lighter than your average dress shoe. They also have a thin sole, thereby allowing your feet to move around properly.


The classiest pair of our list, they are also the most expensive ones. However, if you’re looking for classy and are not on a budget,  these are the perfect pair for you.


That about rounds up our list and we hope it was of some benefit to you. Whichever pair of shoes you choose, the best drumming shoes are the ones that are perfect for your feet.