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African-inspired brand Nyati Apparel

The idea of Nyati Apparel emerged during a simple trip back home. Having being born and brought up in Tanzania, East Africa, and moving to the UK as a child, home has always been very close to my heart. During my many visits back home, I have never failed to admire the relentless work ethic and dedication among my fellow Tanzanians, and above all, the strength and determination among the women in particular.


I was at a beach one day in Zanzibar when a lady walked towards me with a huge sack of clothes on her back, having walked miles under the harsh African sun. She summoned me towards her and sat me down to have a look at the handmade clothes she was selling. In awe at her talent, I thought to myself: “I wish the world could see this. I wish I could change peoples’ perception of Africa”. This has now become my mission – to show the world the potential and talent this beautiful continent holds. To replace the TV adverts showing poor African children begging for food with talented, empowered and innovative African women and children.

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