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Fundamental Wrestling Tips for Beginners


So, you want to be a wrestler? You think you have what it takes to get on the mat and out-perform your opponent? Well, maybe you do. One thing you must develop before you can become a championship style wrestler, are the fundamentals.

A person must develop their fundamentals if they want to improve their ability and enhance their skill level. Knowing the fundamentals will also help wrestlers to stay safe and to pin opponents in as little time as possible. The following wrestling tips for beginners will describe the best way for a person to develop their fundamentals and to prepare for this sport. Also, important for beginner to know about how to choose best owrestling shoes for beginner.

1. Know your Sport

A lot of people are under the assumption that all wrestling competitions are the same. They are not. There are many different types of wrestling styles just like there are many different type of karate styles. The various wrestling styles is called folk style, Greco-Roman, collegiate, professional wrestling, freestyle and Olympic.

Each of these different styles have some similar moves and techniques. Also, some of the rules are standard to each type. However, they also have different maneuvers and methods that set them apart. Wrestlers will have to know their wrestling style so that they know what they can and cannot do when competing.

2. Conditioning and the Wrestler

All wrestlers who want to become powerful competitors must condition, warm up and workout. They should stretch their body and loosen up their muscles before they practice or compete. Eating a good diet is essential for helping a wrestler to perform at their peak. Many wrestlers run to build up their endurance.

They also perform aerobic exercises. This of course will help a wrestler’s body to get ready for the grueling competition on the mat. Lifting weights is essential for all wrestlers. Since wrestling is a physical, up-close contact sport; competitors should maximize their strength potential to be effective competitors. There are other ways to develop strength. However, using weights typically provides the best results.


3. Safety Equipment for Wrestlers

Wrestlers should wear the appropriate safety gear that is acceptable according to the rules. Some forms of wrestling do not allow for specific types of safety gear for wrestlers. The different types of safety gear for wrestlers include headgear, knee pads, mouth guards and athletic support or a jock strap. Wearing the right type of shoes is also important. A wrestler will need good support and shoes are critical to their success.

Keep in mind that some forms of wrestling do not require any type of safety gear. Even then, wrestlers will still need to know how to protect themselves. Once again, a competitor will have to know their style of wrestling to figure out which type they can and cannot wear.

4. Proper Standing Techniques for Wrestlers

Wrestlers need to know how to stand. If they don’t they will not be able to compete effectively. There are many different types of stances that a wrestler can use for this style of fighting. However, the most basic types are the square and the staggered stances.

The square stance requires a fighter to stand with their feet spread shoulder length apart and their weight evenly dispersed between both legs. The feet are parallel or set in the same position for this move. The staggered stance requires a wrestler to put one foot in front of the other. Once again, feet are to spread shoulder length apart.

5. Wrestlers Need Balance

Wrestlers must know how to maintain their balance when fighting. Balance is essential because if a competitor can get a wrestler to the ground they will have to stop that individual from pinning them to the mat. Wrestlers can use balance boards and balance drills to help develop this attribute.

Balance beams and standing positions will help wrestlers to perfect their skill. Wrestlers that work hard to improve their balance will have the ability to keep themselves from being easily defeated by opponents. No wrestler should underestimate their ability to develop their balance. This is an essential skill that will go a long way with competition in this sport.

6. Wrestling Basic Maneuvers

Wrestlers must also develop skills such as the penetrating shot which is designed to break through an opponent’s defenses. They also must know how lift their opponents from different angles to get them down on the mat. Another skill that is essential to all wrestlers is the ability to grapple.

This is necessary because it will help an opponent to gain the advantage over their adversary. Knowing how to fight on the ground and pin an opponent is extremely essential. Wrestlers must master the ability to pin an opponent if they want to come out on top.

As a beginning wrestler you should make sure that you are utilizing the best techniques and practices for your craft. You should learn the proper way to perform maneuvers and movements. You should also understand your proper nutrient requirements and what moves are critical to success within your weight class. Do not do a poor job with conditioning. Any wrestler that does will not operate at optimal conditioning.

Wrestling is a great sport and its participants can develop some great life skills as a result of this sport. So, wrestling is more than just grueling competition between two athletes. It is a fighting style that can show you how to deal with the challenges and difficulties that come with living. Good luck and keep fighting.


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