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5 Type of Footwear every girl like to buy


Friend shoes are the very important part of fashion mainly for girls or women, no doubt Men also give same value to the footwear but in this article we will discuss some type of shoes which they like to buy and wear.

We are in the fashion industry from long time and after doing great research on this topic finally we found out many effective methods to look into style of your footwear and let’s discuss some of the major points below.

Top 5 type of shoes which girls love to wear

1 – Sandals

There is big trend of wearing sandals among Indian women and girls also and this is not limited to only Indians, but women from all other famous countries also like to wear them.

Sandals can be made of different type of materials and designs and can be used on any type of occasion either at home or at any other time also.

2 – Slippers

Girls like to wear this item mostly at the home or going to markets for shopping purpose, they like to wear them on normal friends meet also.

There are many good brands like Puma makes good slippers and we can buy them on very affordable cost.

3 – Boots

Boots are the most favorite among females mostly at the party time and females like to wear them at the time of bike riding also.

The most popular colors of the boots are black, brown, white and grey also. Young girls like to wear them with mini skirt also.

4 – Sport Shoes

These can be used by girls at the time of morning walk, playing outdoor games and gym time also. They are light weight, soft and confortable also because of that this type of footwear is in high demand among girls.

They are very helpful in feeling free at the time of physical activities so you can buy them from online shopping sites like MinzoIndia.com which is the big name in the industry.

5 – High Heel Casual Shoes

In parties, marriage function, ring ceremonies women like to wear them. Most of the time they wear high heel shoes with Lehngas, Saree and other traditional dresses in India.

We hope you would like our good suggestions about the footwear and you can get idea also which is the perfect time and place for wearing particular type of footwear. Thanks.