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What Does Your Baby Want?


It is a long-held myth that babies do not know – and cannot express – what they really want once they appear in your life. From frivolous to detrimental, these myths can be dismissed from just looking at today’s innovative baby products. With the constant advancements in technology, today’s baby products take over many of the routine chores a mother or father used to do themselves. This often frees precious time to teach, play, and watch your precious little person grow, practically before your eyes!

Babies instinctually know several things they really want, and need, and medical research and science have proven this truth. Let’s consider babies’ wants, relevant to what serves their best chances to grow, thrive, and excel in life.

  1. To Be Wanted

Babies need to emerge the close, comforting, and nurturing development stage to people who are eager and joyful at their arrival. They need to feel that they are welcomed and wanted in this new, brightly-lit world. Significantly, babies who are not wanted at birth can sense this rejection and will fail to thrive, often staying close to their birth weight and leaving this world prematurely.

Baby Wrap and Carrier

Baby wearing – the art of carrying your new little person snugly and securely to your body – involves securely wrapping the infant in soft, flame-retardant material. Securing a baby’s arms and legs is reminiscent of being in the closed, cocoon-like womb and parents can carry the wrap close to their hearts, to reassure the baby of the sounds they first registered while developing. A great choice, the Six-Position, 3600 Ergonomic Baby Child Carrier, features breathable materials, a sleeping hood, adjustable straps, and more. This carrier is designed to keep your baby close and nurtured, even when your hands are needed elsewhere.

  1. To Be Protected

Babies need to feel safe and secure; all furniture, devices, and implementations must serve this ongoing need for your babies’ happiness and growth. The correct tools and devices for your baby ensure he or she is safe and protected by the most important person in their world – you.

Baby Audio/Visual Monitor

Occasionally, your baby will be out of your line-of-sight. It is important to monitor their wellbeing, regardless of which room they may be in. The Summer Infant Baby Touch Wi-Fi Internet Viewing Baby Monitor provides you with audio/visual and smartphone listening/viewing capabilities. When trying to capture your baby’s physical data for pediatrician visits and growth plans, the Owlet Smart Sock 2 Health Monitor measures his or her pulse rate and oxygen levels, allowing you to monitor their safety and biometric information right from your smart phone!

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Health Monitor

Travel is one area that must he as protected as possible; the Grace Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat offers the safety features babies need with the convenience and expandability parents appreciate. With this car seat, the baby can ride backward facing longer than with other car seats, baby has more leg room, and the adjust harness system extends the height of headrests and harnesses without excessive manual adjustments.


  1. To Be Stimulated

Babies require sensory stimulation for physical growth, exercise, and mental development. Before birth, your baby learns your voice – its rhythm, emotional changes, and even your special lullabies. From infancy, a baby will track sounds (particularly of his parents’ voices), respond to external touch, and learn to communicate for things like food, attention, changing needs, and so on. Babies without sensory stimulation often grow to be disadvantaged toward expected growth rates, socialization skills, and communication mastery.

Newborn to Three Months

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Music and Lights Deluxe Gym Playset is a highly reviewed baby stimulation environment that can grow with your baby- Employing sounds from nature, music, lights, movement, touch, and other sensory features, this playset will encourage vision, hearing, muscle stimulation, and more.

Six months and Older

Babies are now learning to use technology at very early ages; with the tech world a strong factor, then, it makes sense to combine your babies’ learning process with the tools that will prepare them for a future where checking a book out of the library or buying a loaf of bread will require basic skills.

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet ranks high on parents’ lists for babies that are six months and older. With this scalable toy, you are able to select from three (3) stages: explore, encourage, and pretend. Twinkling lights, songs, phrases, and other interactively engaging learning features add to the age-appropriate fun of learning while playing.


As your baby’s navigator, you are the one he or she watches, calls ta, learns from, relies upon, and must have for growth, survival, and a healthy start. As this listing demonstrates, there are baby tools, products, and supplies for nearly every need and want – yours and baby’s. Today’s baby product standards ensure you are buying safe, quality, and carefully designed items that will provide you peace of mind and years of use. Add parents’ willingness to share experiences, observations, and recommendations on for reputable stores and web sites, and you can rest easy Knowing you are making the best, and most informed decision possible for your child.

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