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Top 5 Fashion Hacks Every Women Should Know

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Fashion and woman are complementary of one and another. Both are incomplete without each other. The woman is considered as a fashion icon. Whenever we try to visualize any dress or accessories, we put our favorite model in our imagination. We woman, always want to be the eye catcher and fashion icon wherever we go. But always it is not possible for some silly incidents like sudden stuck fry, shirt button gets out from cloth, fuzzy sweater and much more. However, if you are a smart woman than you will prepare yourself from this unwanted wardrobe malfunction. Some simple and quick fashion hacks help you to get an instant fix that is just superb. As there are many kinds of fashion hacks you can do but here I will talk about top 5 fashion hacks every woman should know. So stick with me girls cause they are worth like anne klein watch review.

Fashion hacks:

It is common to face some problem like- tights start to rip at the moment you wear, the fry collapsed for no reason, stains of sweats that loves to stay on clothes and so much more. You can fix this with some simple hacks. In fashion, women need many things that are unique. But fashion flop is very common incident in the fashion world. To avoid this flop situation to know some life saving fashion hacks is highly recommendable. It does not only help you to avoid unexpected situation also you will be popular among your woman circle. Who knows you may get a job to teach this hacks.. just kidding.

  •    Wearing boots:

Woman with boots looks so stylish. But many of us avoid it because we don’t know how to wear long jeans with boots. But you will not believe how easy it is to solve. Ready girls? Well, the way is a tackle, fold the jeans, and wear a sock. Now you can wear the boot and look cool.  See how simple it is to look hot with jeans and boots? Now girls go and take all those sexy looking boots. Adding in this hack let me tell you another secret with you can turn your boot or shoe into a stylish one. If you have normal shoe than collect some laces from your old gown. Apply some glue on the lace and stick them on the shoe. Let it dry. You will be amazed at the new look of your shoe and your friends will get jealous.

  •    Zipper problem:

It is a very common malfunction and it happens in the time where you can’t just go away or change. When you are trying to unzip your purse, I tell you will face the zipper problem must and must. What do we do in this situation? We promise ourselves that I will never use a zipper purse ever. But we break promises and the story continues. But do you know you can fix the problem and it is very easy? you have to keep petroleum jelly or olive oil and cotton buds with you when you have things with zipper. When you think that your zipper is making a problem than use the cotton bud and apply jelly or oil. Then use the bud in the place where the zipper is not working. Then see the magic. It will work like a new. Simple right?

Fashion Hacks

  •    Iron:

When you are in hurry for a party after long day work, it will be obvious that you will find your cloth that you want to wear is wrinkled and it totally stays wrinkle for no reason. It takes quiet time to iron so if you have no time than you have to change your mind about wearing that dress. But I will give you a quick and easy trick to get an instant iron dress. How? Well with your hair straightener. Surprised? Try this easy trick. You will tend to use this trick always. Just hang your shirt and use your hair straightener on the cloth.  You will see how the cloth gets wrinkle-free in no time.

  •    Prevent tight run:

Tight is a favorite clothing and all woman loves it.  But when you try to wear it, it starts running and it is so embarrassing. Till date, all the running tights have been in wastage box because we think that it can’t be used again. But here is the trick. Use hairspray or nail polish and that is clear one. Just see the difference. You will not face this irritating problem anymore. When the running problem begins to start just apply the hairspray or nail polish on the affected area and let it dry properly. Then wear the tight without any problem. The running will stop by this simple trick. Amazing right?

  •    Removing sweat stains:

This problem is the most common problem of all. Sweat is a natural happening in a body but the stain in the cloth is not an acceptable thing. Often we see that our favorite t-shirt or gown has sweat stain and it doesn’t want to get away. It is so frustrating, right? Well, the frustrating days are over.  You need just two simple but powerful ingredient. One is lemon juice and salt. Remember to mix the same amount of water. Just use this two thing on the stained area and rub it. You will feel there was no stain in the place before. See how simple is it.

These are the Top 5 Fashion Hacks Every Women Should Know. These hacks don’t cost you extra cost to fix your problems. The things you need for fixing your problems are available in your home. Just train your brain and keep them in your reachable place so that you can get them when you are in the emergency.

It is a common practice among women to follow the latest fashion trends. For this, you have to be updated and witty. So that you can use the fashion hacks instantly when you are feeling that you are in trouble. Be smart and next fashion diva in your circle.

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