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Best Nail Colors for A Festive Occasion

Woman doing nail art in nail salon

Woman doing nail art in nail salon

When it comes to festive occasions, beautiful nails are an integral part of an elegant image. The combination of exciting nail colors and stunning designs can add a special oomph to your appearance and make some heads turn your way.

Choosing a nail color for a celebration is not always easy. Some may seem too bright and out of place, while others don’t stand out making your hands appear dull.

Christmas Designs

Christmas nail colors are the easiest to choose since it’s obvious that they should be white, green, and red. When it comes to the designs, you have plenty to consider. Be it snowmen, deer, Santa Clause or Christmas hats or bells can make your nails truly shine.

  • Snowmen

If your nails are short, you can color them with pearly blue colors, draw a snowman with white polish, and outline it with black. A snowman on one of your nails can be complemented with beautiful snowflakes on the others.

In fact, sparkling white snowmen look great on black nail polish. So if you want a beautiful black nail design, go for snowmen or snowflakes.

  • Christmas trees

Red nails with green Christmas trees might seem too bright for some women while others can appreciate the idea since it suits the outfit. You can also use green nail polish to cover the nails and then draw toys, gift boxes, and fairy lights.

You can also draw Christmas tree branches with toys hanging from them over a classical French manicure.

Spring Festivities

If you have a special occasion coming up in the spring, you have a choice of warm spring shades. Many women prefer to draw flowers on light yellow, pastel blue, and soft pink nails. Small daisies in top corners of the nails or large tulips on the middle finger complement the spring theme.

In addition, many women like sticking with the French manicure. While some like the classics, others consider drawing small flowers over it as well. If you are looking for a strict office style but still want to sport beautiful nails on a festive occasion, consider drawing black roses on top of the transparent French manicure.


Wedding Nails

The wedding is the most special occasion of them all so choosing a nail color for it is one of the most important decisions. The preferred wedding nail design is French since it suits the white dress. However, many women prefer going for silvery white nails or bright red nails for contrast.

Before choosing the perfect wedding nails, do a test nail painting session with a dress fitting. Make sure you like the overall image.

3 Rules to Help You Choose the Best Nail Color For a Festive Occasion

  1. Study the trends. Nail designers offer new colors and designs on a daily basis
  2. Choose a bold design with bright colors and décor. Rich colors are popular this year. Even if you like simple light colors for everyday wear, go all out for a special occasion.
  3. Choose the design to suit your nail and finger form. Remember, the goal of a great manicure is to outline the beauty and the delicacy of your hands.

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