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What to wear when fishing with your boyfriend

Summer is just around the corner and the weather is warming up. Most of us are officially done with a proposal of movie and dinner to out partners as its already so overplayed and sounds like a nonsense idea. So where should you take your date for the next celebration?

Fishing can be a great bonding experience, so get outside and do something different. The peace and quiet of being alone by the side of the lake are a fantastic chance to connect. You have to do some preparation though. Cosmo says, you got to be open when you are on a date with your boyfriend, so what to wear fishing with your boyfriend?

There is no pressure what to wear. The best part about fishing is, you can bait anywhere and throw your line wherever there is water. Same rule for dressing- no rules. Don’t get worried to look cute. While any apparel should do, here are few things you can consider to enhance the fishing experience.

1. Pant- Go lightweight and bring an extra pair in case your boyfriend feels like being playful. cargo shorts are better so that you can pull it off. With cargo’s you get pockets for storage like extra tackle or pliers.

Jeans will also do the trick. If you plan to go deep in water, it will not wick away easily so might make it uncomfortable.

2. Shirts – Let me repeat – lightweight is the word. Wear light colored clothes with a fabric that’s breathable – you never know when the sun beats down.

fishing wear

You get fishing shirts with short sleeve. On the back, they have a mess lining with a flap that opens. It allows the cool air to rush off and make you feel cold.

A white comfy cotton undershirt does the trick.

Long sleeve shirts are good if your conscious of sunburn

Grab an old flannel shirt to put over the t-shirt to make you feel warmer in case its chilly in the morning.

3. Hats and Sunglasses – Pick up a pair of sunglasses to keep the sun off. If possible, get a polarized glass as they will improve the vision to locate the fish under water.

Ball cap or fishing hat with a wide brim are good options. Of course, why don’t you go fishing with your boyfriend in a couple’s outfit? Don’t forget to add accessories to your cap as it provides shade and accentuates your personality. It’s very simple, just need small metal pins to decorate your cap. You can get custom metal pins for couples on Pins.US. They can be designed in the pattern and style you want, and there are many symbols and templates for you to choose from. Designing couple pins and wearing them with your boyfriend can make this trip more ceremonial. If you are a couple who don’t meet often, you should cherish every opportunity to meet and play. So come and customize the couple pins you want!

4- Shoes- Don’t wear sandals or flip flops. You never know which fish you are going to find and

No to mention, there are also stray hooks lying on the ground when you out in the water. Just imagine a hook on a bare foot- not a good site and spoils the whole romance. You don’t want to go nuts, carry a pair of sneakers to cover your entire feet.

Don’t dress like a circus – clown!! you will scare the fish. Wear tone colors, evergreen, olive etc.

5. Swimsuit- You know your body best. wear a swimsuit that stays in place. A triangle top bikini might also work.

The fact is your partner always thinks you are beautiful but if you spice up your look with wearing something different in a beautiful setting, it beats the hell out of a dark theater. So try these dressing tips when you are out for fishing with your date next time- fishing can be the blast. While out for fishing, it just you and your partner, the rod, fish and nature and that’s a good release from modern life stress put on us. Good Luck and make your dating a memorable experience without any compromise to what you are wearing – no doubt, your partner is expected to be more playful with you.

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