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Tinder Over 50 Review – Best Dating App for Over 50

Tinder Over 50

Anyone over the age of 50 who wants to find a date should seriously consider using Tinder Over 50. Tinder Over 50 is after all an excellent place to find people who are looking for serious relationships. At this over 50 dating app and website, it is possible to find a partner that shares the same interests as you and who is ready to commit to a serious relationship.

Vast number of members
Tinder Over 50 has a vast number of over-50 members. It is also a great place to interact with others who share common interests and experiences. There are several things that work in favor of this senior dating app, not least of which is its limited time free trial offer. Also, the site allows you to create your profile and get emails from others. However, only emails sent to you by paying members will be forwarded to you till you take on a paid membership.

Get to know fellow members through the blog
Another thing that makes Tinder Over 50 stand out from the pack is that it has an excellent member’s blog. This blog makes it easy for you to learn more about other members. You can read their posts to find out more about their way of thinking and experiences.

Interesting results
And, when you search for members, Tinder Over 50 will provide results in a very thoughtful manner. The results contain large sized photographs of potential dates and in addition they also provide information about where these people are located. The nice thing about using this dating app over 50 is that the site is populated with real members who are looking for serious and meaningful relationships. And, to make certain that you meet the right people, it vets each profile to weed out the less-than-desirable profiles.

Member log in details
The one thing that one does not like about this over 50 dating app is that when you want to find out when a member last logged in, this information is not available to everyone. In fact, it is only paying members who can find out when another member last logged in.

Largest dating site and app for seniors
The simple truth is that Tinder Over 50 ranks very high among all senior dating apps and websites. It has more than a decade of experience in helping seniors find a date. And, it also claims that it is the largest as well as most effective dating website.

Pleasing interface
When you look at the site you will immediately find the user interface to be very pleasing. The fonts used on the site are large enough for seniors with poor vision to read. The focus of the site is on seniors who are over 50 years in age. This means that there is virtually no chance that someone who is very young will contact you.

Free sign up facility
Secondly, signing up with the site is free to everyone. In your profile you can add up to 26 photographs of yourself. The cost of membership varies according to number of months. A one-month membership costs about a dollar per day while a six-month membership will cost you 15.95 dollars per month. Standard members can look for profiles and they can send free winks. However, you cannot start an email conversation with your standard membership.

The bottom line is that Tinder Over 50 is an excellent dating site for seniors over 50. The site also has a number of outstanding features that help you find a suitable match with utmost convenience.

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