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How To Remove Blackheads and Whiteheads With A Comedone Extractor

comedone_extractorMany believe that Blackheads as well as Whiteheads are formed by hygiene dirt, sweat and and then poor; nevertheless that is no more than a simple myth since the very real cause of these comedones is the clogging of pores due to abnormal cell growth and fat production in the skin. When the comedones come in contact with the oxygen of the air, they are oxidized turning black, that is why it is given the term black spot. Trying to extract the comedones with your hand can leave unwanted marks on your skin, but the safe use of a comedone extractor will help you get clean skin without any blemishes or bleeding.

Prepare Your Skin
Wash your own face and make clean. You must work with a very clean skin, that is why you will have to remove any residue of jusy makeup on the face or other product from your face. You want to gently dry the skin with a pat, without rubbing it with a towel to prevent irritation.

Bring water to a boil. Comedones are very easy to remove while your pores are wide open. A facial with steam will not only open your pores to prepare your skin to extract the comedones, but it will leave you in a good mood and relaxed.

Put a towel over your head.  While you actually wait for your water to boil, look for a towel with which can cover your head during the steam process. The towel will retain the steam and prevent it from escaping, improving the effects of your facial with steam.

Keep your face close to the steam. When boiling water generates enough steam, remove from the heat. Bring your face to the container, letting the towel cover you as if it were a tent to hold the steam. Stay in this position for as much as 4 to 8 minutes.

Be careful when handling the container with hot water. It is best that you use kitchen gloves to protect your hands.
Do not get too close your face to the steam, since you could burn the skin. The steam effect should be pleasurable, not strident.
It is normal for your face to look a little red from the steam, but stop making the facial with steam if you begin to feel your skin irritated.

Using Comedone Extractor
Sterilizes the extractor. When you use the comedone extractor, you will have a small opening in your skin after extracting the black or white dots. If you do not work with sterilized tools, your skin could enter bacteria, making everything worse. To sterilize the comedo extractor, you’ll simply soak it in alcohol for one minute.

Have alcohol while you use the extractor to continue cleaning it while you proceed.
Wash your hands thoroughly or use latex gloves while touching your skin, as the hands carry many germs and bacteria that you will not want to shed.

Locate the extractor properly. The extractor has a small opening at one of its ends. Place the opening of the white or black point you want to remove.
If you have trouble seeing what you are doing, try to use a magnifying mirror. You can buy it at a convenient price in pharmacies or department stores or even on the Internet.
Make certain you work in a well-lit environment.

Press gently. When the comedo is inside the opening of the comedone extractor, you have to press enough to remove the black or white point of the skin. Press the base of the comedo on all sides, drawing it completely from the skin. The comedones can be well impregnated to the skin, so do not think that because you have managed to get a little, there is nothing left to extract. Continue pressing from different angles until thеrе іѕ nоthіng left in the skin.
When you see that there is no more comedo, simply remove the opening of the blackheads remover from your skin.

Wash the extractor in a sink or clean the waste with a paper towel.
Re-sterilize the blackheads remover before using it again. You must sterilize the extractor for each new comedo you want to extract, so you want to do it all in one try. Soak the instrument in alcohol for one minute, then repeat the process with the next black or white dot. Continue until you have removed all the spots on your skin.

Protect your open pores. Each time you remove a comedo, you will leave an open wound on your skin that, although not noticeable, will take some time to heal. Apply a small amount of astringent in the treated areas to protect them from bacteria or dirt that could originate other spots again.
Moisturize your skin after applying the astringent to prevent it from drying out.
Do not apply makeup until you have treated your skin with an astringent.

You have to repeat this procedure weekly or monthly depending on your skin type. Eliminating blackheads seem to be a never-ending job, so you want to be patient it.
You can furthermore apply a very warm towel over your face. Remove the towel before it cools. Otherwise, your pores may shrink.

Things You’ll Need
Pot with boiling water
Comedone Extractor
Astringent (e.g., witch hazel)
Traditional or raised mirror (optional)
Temporarily, it will appear that your pores are larger whеn you rеmоvе thе blасk ѕроtѕ оn your nоѕе, however that is merely because the pores are just empty out there. Thе astringent will hеlр сlоѕе thеm.
A lot of people are very sensitive to the harsh. Apply sparingly untіl your ѕkіn bесоmеѕ accustomed tо thе fоrmulа. Your skin will look a bit red аt fіrѕt іf уоu’vе nеvеr used any formula before on your face.
Be careful when placing your face on the steam; Breathe slowly and do not get too close, since you could burn.
Make sure you never press the blackhead removal tool too hard; otherwise, you will not only hurt your skin, but it will also leave temporary circular marks on your face. If you overdo it, it could dilate your capillaries.
Avoid putting or perhaps applying hydrogen peroxide on your face; As an oxidizing agent could have corrosive effects on your skin. There you have it on How to Remove Blackheads and Whiteheads with a Comedo Extractor, and you Can get blackhead remover kit right here on this site that could be of real help to you.

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