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Dark Circles Under Eyes: Causes And Treatment

Dark Circles Under Eyes

When you have bags underneath your eyes, it ruins your appearance.  You look older than your age, tired, or ill.  There can be a solution to your problem.  When you know the reasons for dark circles under eyes causes and treatment can make a difference.



  • What Causes Eye Bags?

There can be a number of reasons you have dark circles.  The treatment that is right for you depends on the specific cause.

  • Allergies can cause the dark bags.  If you are allergic to a particular substance, the skin underneath your eyes can be affected by the way your immune system reacts to the allergen.  As examples, you may be allergic to a certain food, pet dander, dust mites, or pollen.
  • A second common cause is too much exposure to sunlight.  When you are exposed to direct sunlight, your body produces melanin.  The same process that results in a suntan can darken the area under your eyes.
  • Dehydration is a third possibility.  You are more likely to have this problem if you experience dehydration more than occasionally.
  • A poor diet is another cause.  You have a higher risk of dark bags if you do not eat properly.  You need appropriate nutrition, and appropriate calories each day.
  • There can be medical causes, too.  Anemia and eczema are two examples of medical conditions that can increase your risk.
  • Some individuals develop circles from fatigue and lack of sleep.
  • In many cases, genetics is a factor.  You are more likely to have this problem if others in your family have it.
  • Aging is also a common cause.  As you grow older, the skin becomes thinner.  There is less collagen and fat around your eyes.  The natural aging process causes the blood vessels to appear more noticeable.

  • How To Treat Dark Under-Eye Circles

The best way to treat this issue depends on its cause.  If the circles have appeared suddenly, or if they are extreme, consult with your doctor before trying any treatments.  Your physician can determine if you have a medical condition or a lifestyle factor that is causing the problem.

There are cosmetic products made for this purpose.  However, if a concealer cream is not effective, you can try some home remedies.  Start with your sleep habits.  Get more sleep each night, and use extra pillows to stop fluid from pooling in your eyelids.  Vernal Beauty offers some great products for this.

Try some cold remedies.  You can use a cold teaspoon, cold compress, or even frozen vegetables in the original bag.  These remedies can reduce the swelling.

Many people find relief from under-eye circles with over the counter creams made to treat hemorrhoids.  These creams are available without a prescription, and can also reduce swelling.

If the circles are not caused by a medical or lifestyle factor, and none of these home remedies are effective, your next step is to consult with a dermatologist.  In addition to prescription creams, there are a number of treatments a dermatologist can perform to reduce or eliminate the problem.

Your dermatologist can use injectable fillers, a chemical peel, laser therapy, or a surgical procedure.  If you do not know where to find a dermatologist, ask your personal physician for a recommendation.  All of these procedures are safe, have few risks, and do not require a long recovery period.

Regardless of the cause, you can have relief from bothersome bags.  You can look younger, healthier, and much more attractive.  When you do not ignore dark circles under eyes causes and treatment, you can have more self-confidence.  It all starts by determining the exact cause, and you can have the treatment that is right for you.

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