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Suits That Will Not Fail To Look Glamorous


Men started wearing suits in the 19th century. Old suits have a huge difference from the suits that we know. During the ancient times, the piece of clothing is embroidered and decorated with lavish crystals and laces.

As men’s fashion evolved, the idea of making the set of clothes comfortable has started to set in. Today, suits look more simple yet elegant. Despite the lack of elaborate accessorizing, the modern suit remains trendy and high fashion.

Men’s suits that will never go out of style

The most common type of suit is the black suit. Nevertheless, if you are planning to shy away from the typical, there are other designs that you can consider such as the men’s suits on the list.

  • Khaki Cotton Suit

The type of suit is not as formal as the black suit. Hence it is best worn during parties and functions that do not require ties and bows. The Khaki suits can be paired with cotton shirts that are plain or patterned, and it is versatile and comfortable to wear during summers and springs.

  • Patterned Cotton Suit

If plain colored suits are not your cup of tea, the patterned type will suit your taste. Choosing the right pattern suit can be crucial since it can significantly affect the way your body looks. There are three types of patterned cotton suit the gray, black and navy.  If you want to look thinner, buy a Grey suit and avoid navy or black if you have a large built.

  • Wool Navy Suit

Navy is timeless. Wool navy suits are safe investments since it never goes out of fashion. You will always look dapper and professional in a navy suit.

  • Three Piece Suit

The suit is not your typical button up suit. The three piece suit will require you to wear a waistcoat, along with the regular jacket and trousers. It is best worn during a wedding or black tie event. The fully buttoned up is not suitable for daily use, but it’s safe to have it in your closet in case you need to dress to kill during special occasions.

  • Beige Color Suits

The default options for suits are a thing of the past. Modern suits such as beige suits are very in demand today since the outfit is versatile. You can wear it to make a statement. Pairing it with a sports polo shirt and the right shoes will make you look stylish at a weekend party.

Here is the list of the best men’s custom suits that you can wear anytime anywhere. It’s a good idea to have any of these types of suits in your wardrobe since the appeal of suits never fades. You’ll always look classy and trendy with the formal wear!

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