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Vitale in Alsace Presents its 2017 New Year’s Greetings Video

Vitale New Year’s Greetings Video in Alsace directed by Cesar Vitale with the help of the Mars Rouge, founded by Julien Di Giusto.



Vitale, door and window manufacturer in Alsace, near Mulhouse in Haut-Rhin, has decided to present their 2017 best wishes in video. End-of-year greeting cards are indeed a simple and effective way to wish customers and partners the best in the coming year. If printed cards have their charm, why not take advantage of this year to test such wishes in video – as for the group Vitale in Mulhouse and Colmar in Alsace? When images, music, visual, audio effects and text meet, a true emotional concentration comes to life! It is also an opportunity to adopt a less formal tone than the usual one. Let your creativity speak and dare to create a different video for this occasion. Involve your employees within the video in order to help humanize your business, as did the Vitale company – manufacturer of windows and doors in Alsace, directed by Cesar Vitale along with the help of the Mars Rouge agency in Mulhouse, founded by Julien Di Giusto.

Vitale: A Video for the New Year’s greetings

Vitales best wishes video, the leading company in doors and windows and headed by Cesar Vitale, stages all 70 employees of the group – specialized in the manufacturing of aluminum and PVC windows and doors. The concept is simple and completes the page of the Journal L’Alsace, published on 1 January 2017 throughout the whole of Haut-Rhin: the 70 employees of the Vitale group are staged in the video. The end -of-year greetings are a simple and effective way to wish customers, partners and employees a good new year. It further highlights values and entrepreneurial spirit. Indeed, the video is a support of emotion but also a very effective support in terms of visibility and therefore, communication.

Vitale, Manufactures and Installs Doors and Windows in Alsace

The Vitale group, specialists in the domain of manufacturing and installing windows in Alsace throughout the Haut-Rhin, has positioned itself as leader over the years within the field of sealing, aluminum and PVC. It is a company with proven expertise in the manufacturing of doors and windows and offers a wide choice of aluminum windows, PVC windows, patio doors, swing shutters or rolling shutters. PVC doors and windows are now at the heart of your interior design. At Vitale, all door and window models are made to measure.

Mars Rouge Realizes your New Year Greetings Video for Your Business!

A corporate greetings video is like an end-of-year gift to your employees as well as your customers and prospects. It is a video that addresses them at an important moment in their personal lives. The end-of-year celebrations are special events and by making a greetings video for your clients, partners and employees, you are also showing that you are not just an employer but that we are all part of one larger family. The greetings video is an opportunity to call upon your philosophy while wishing everyone a happy new year! The greetings video can be integrated on your website, on social networks like Facebook and wherever you want. Mars Rouge, a communication agency founded in Mulhouse by Julien Di Giusto, widely distributes
the greetings video on the web. The company greetings video allows to demonstrate that your company is dynamic. A corporate greetings video further allows to demonstrate that you are close to your employees.

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