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Top 9 Fashion Must Have’s Every Working Woman Should Own


The way you dress up at work can significantly influence how people think of you. According to a recent study, people that wear better clothes in the office are taken more seriously by their peers. Hence, always make it a point to wear an appropriate outfit to your day job.

How to Look Sharp in Your Office Wardrobe

You do not spend half of the money you make on clothing. You only need a few work wardrobe staples that you can wear multiple times without anyone noticing it. To help you dress easier here is the list of trendy pieces that every working woman must have.

A Black Blazer

Regardless of its design, blazers can make you look sophisticated all the time. The fashion piece is quite versatile and goes well with almost anything. You can wear it with a dress or blouse and pants. Choose a classic black blazer if you plan to wear it frequently. But, if you have extra money in spend, you can also opt for designs like floral or prints to add extra wow point to your outfit.

A Black Pencil Skirt

A black pencil skirt will emphasize your legs and curves without making you look cheap. You can pair it with blouses, peplums and button downs. When you buying a pencil skirt choose a size that will snug perfectly to your hips. A skirt too loose can make your outfit look sloppy.

A White Button- Down

Although you think that you do not need it, button downs can be your remedy on days when you don’t have the time to assemble an outfit. The office wardrobe can make you look highly professional even on a jean.

Plain and Printed Blouses

Ditch the all black ensemble and add a little color to your outfit by wearing a printed blouse. Have at least three tops with fun prints.  It can be floral, stripes, or polka dots. A fancy shirt can serve as an office to club outfit in case you need to grab drinks after work.

Dress Pants

It is essential to have dress pants in your wardrobe if you have a strict dress code in your workplace. There’s no chance that you’ll pass by a hall without getting awkward stares if you get caught wearing a jean.

All-Around Dresses

It is wise to buy dresses with solid color and minimal prints if you work in a corporate setting. You can also opt for day to night dresses so you can always come when your co-workers invite you to attend a late- night party.

Suit Jacket

Just like a men’s suit, a classy suit jacket can make a woman look very smart and businesslike. It’s best to worn during meetings with bosses or formal events where power dressing is required.

Black Pump or Flats

Black Pumps and flats will never go out of style. You can wear it all year round and look chic every single day.

Structured Tote

A bag that can stand on its own with a size that is large enough to accommodate all your things is the perfect bag that you can carry around to work.

Here is the list of Trendy pieces that will help you slay in your corporate outfit! Once you have these items in your closet, you’ll never find dressing up for work daunting again!

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