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Scottish Kilts – Better fit than the competitors!


Hello! I am a kilt-wearing woman and I recently purchased the Tartan box pleated hybrid kilt from Scottish Kilt. First, the price for this kilt (after much research) is far more reasonable than any other site I visited. Second, the fit was far better than any of their competitors. I had purchased another custom fit kilt from another company about a month before I purchased this one and not only did Scottish Kilt get the kilt to me faster, it fit BETTER!


As a lady wearing kilts made for men, that’s important because the Scottish kilt fit me like a lady and it is comfortable and looks flattering, not bulky on like other kilts do. I am a very satisfied customer and I will be returning. Lastly, the customer service here was prompt and polite and got me answers to my questions immediately with the live chat support!

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