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How to Take Care of Your Body in Your 40s

joggingIt seems as if the great battle with aging begins as soon as you start approaching your 40s. The small little wrinkles that were once cute now start to irritate you, and you’ll do anything just to make them go away. Not only does the face goes through many changes, but the entire body as well. However, aging is an inevitable process, but if you follow a few routines as soon as you hit 30, your body will stay healthy and look amazing even in your 40s.
Protect the Skin
No matter the season, we’re constantly under the influence of harmful UV rays. Therefore, it’s essential that our skin is protected every day, even if we’re not about to go to the beach. Pack on the creams with SPF 30, and take care of your skin. A long exposure to the sun will cause dry out your skin, which will only make the aging process faster. Therefore, if you plan to spend more than half an hour outside in the sun, wear a hat and a sunblock.
With time, skin loses its elasticity. This becomes particularly obvious when you turn 40, so it’s imperative that you help your skin stay firm and glowing. One of the ways to help both your skin and your body look great is to drink plenty of water during the day. Eight glasses a day is the recommended amount of fluid you should be taking inin order to stay hydrated. Try to stay away from sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages, because they’ll only dehydrate the skin.

Cut Down on Makeup
In your 40s, the golden rule of makeup routine is ‒ less is more. While you cantemporarily cover up those eye wrinkles, the concealer, the foundation and all the other products will eventually build up in the fine lines and only make you look older. Instead of loading the skin with various products, consult your dermatologist and invest in a good skincare regimen. What’s more, a harmless procedure as mini face lift could also be in order if you find your skin too loose and in a need for a little fix up.
Washing your face regularly and going to bed without makeup is vital for a healthy looking skin. Exfoliating at least once a week is paramount as well. This will remove all the dead cells from your skin and make you look refreshed and fabulous. Be sure to exfoliate gently, so that you don’t end up with a red irritated skin.
Stay Fit
Exercising regularly helps you stay fit and healthy. It builds up the immune system and contributes to your overall health. Therefore, even if you’re not in your 40s yet, it’s a good thing to start jogging, going to the gym, or exercising for at least 30 minutes every day in your home. Once you turn 40, the muscle mass will start to decrease and you’re be more likely to gain weight faster and easier. Bone strength is also reduced because of all the hormonal change that the body goes through, which is another reason for you to be active and keep those bones strong.
Moisturize Regularly
Sunscreen is just some of the moisturizing protection that will help your skin stay beautiful in your 40s. Applying creams that are rich in Q10 coenzymes, retinoids and hyaluronic acid will benefit the skin a lot. Don’t forget to include an eye cream in your beauty routine and keep the skin fresh and beautiful.
Taking care of your skin is essential, so be sure to start on time. Drink plenty of water, exercises regularly, moisturize and apply protection even in your early 20s.That will make your skin look glowing and reduce the effects of the aging process.

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