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Green Fashion Week


The Green Fashion Week (GFW) will be the end of Novembe 2016 in Milan, Italy. The previous edition was in Abu Dhabi and the next edition will be in Beverly Hills in March 2016.

The Green Fashion Week is a yearly charity fashion event, organised by GD Major. As the fashion industry is one of the most impactful industries on the environment, the goal of our event is to raise awareness and set a path for sustainable and responsible fashion which should ultimately lead to preservations of our planet for the next generations.

In order to assure the sustainability of our event, a sustainability report including the carbon calculations is released after the event in collaboration with our partners the United Nations and the Allcot group. The unavoidable emissions are redeemed by the funding reforestation projects in the Amazon area. Therefore, every aspect of the event should be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible!

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