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Designer Spotlight: The Making of Women’s Gloves


By now you should know that we promise to deliver world leading glove designs. We have recognized the need for a high end luxury glove and we pride ourselves on making gloves of the highest possible quality. Not just any gloves: fashion gloves. The latest styles to land in our collection is two special designs that we admire which can be seen above.

Whilst most gloves have two pieces of leather to the back and palm of the hand, our gloves are rolled and skilfully made by hand, carefully sewing machine leather and fabric together, gracefully adorning the wearer’s hand.
Our wide selection of vibrant and playful colours is endless; from red to purple, contrasting stitching, juxtaposed fabrics and ones that cater for all of today’s technology. From the initial concept and design of a new pattern, to sourcing the materials and hand-making the samples, each pair we sell is a work of art. Every pair of ladies gloves you buy is of high quality with distinguishing detail. Whether you’re wanting to purchase a pair of gloves for yourself, a friend or relative, attention to detail is never lost.

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