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People love fun pink products

There is something about getting a product in just the right color that makes it even more special than it already is.  Even an everyday item can be made more fun when it’s in the right color.  That said, certain colors are more popular than others.  Some colors just seem to pop.  They mean something.

The key is to make sure the products are designed properly for people who love the color and not just making a “for women” product.  The idea behind the fun of pink products is that they’re exactly that: fun.  They’re attractive and pretty.  They’re not a woman’s alternative to a standard product that has already been used for decades by everyone.

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This shows the difference between the celebration of the Mogix pink tire gauge and how fun it is to have the option to choose it in that great color, or the disaster of the Bic pens for women. Mogix did it right and people love having a pink tire gauge and emergency tool because the color is great and the features are fantastic.

Other companies that have managed to truly embrace the fun of pink products include:

Adidas – their EQT support ADV shoes with clear pink detail give the shoes a sleek, fresh and refined look.  An excellent addition to any functional and attractive athletic outfit.
Sony – the Playstation Dualshock 3 controller is sold in a vibrant candy pink color that offers a fun alternative to the others on their list, including black, blue and even camo.
Charities – there are tons of pink products out there that are meant to reflect their support for many charities.  Among the main types of charity represented by this color are those in support of breast cancer research and awareness.  These can include everything from t-shirts and car magnets to personal safety devices like whistles and even pepper spray.  All in a vibrant happy pink color.

If you love pink products, many companies have you covered.  From a pink tire gauge to pepper spray or a game console controller.  You most certainly have options out there and with Breast cancer awareness month coming up in October most companies will take their main product and release a special limited pink edition – a win, win for pink lovers and building awareness to this very important issue.

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