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Making Sweden proud, Actress Ellinor Taflin


Small town girl makes good. That well-worn phrase from the past still has meaning when it’s applied to a Swedish actress who makes it in Hollywood. Ellinor Taflin, who you may have seen on the stage in New York or Los Angeles, or in one of her many performances in one of the many praiseworthy short films she has been in, comes from a very small town in Sweden. She apparently couldn’t wait to hop the first jet to London to study acting and then jaunted over to the states where she earned even more degrees in acting and became a very busy professional actress.

Ellinor has all the talent in the world, she can act, she can sing and dance, (ballet and jazz), and she can do voiceovers very convincingly. And…she can be extremely funny when she chooses to be. I’ve seen her actor’s reel and she can play it seriously or go all out for the laughs. I personally liked both extremes, which shows just how skilled this Swede really is. Ingrid Bergman was also Swedish and so was Greta (“I want to be alone”) Garbo, and both of them were quite serious actresses who didn’t really go out for comedy very much. Perhaps they were snowed in too many times as children and didn’t get a chance to really yuk it up very much because there wasn’t anybody to yuk it up with.

Well, Ellinor was raised in a small beach town in the same Sweden that they were, which makes me think that being at the beach and seeing the ocean a lot can actually put a smile on your face and make you want to have some fun. Whatever the explanation, Ellinor is a first rate actress and a top of the line comedienne. Her two minute reel on Youtube had me laughing out loud – it had my dog laughing out loud too, but he’s going to get some professional help. Ellinor went from one scene where she was a hippie playing Monopoly, (the first big laugh) to a girl who plays the guitar and sings very badly (2nd bigger laugh) to a young woman who falls off a chair as she is aggressively kissing her date (The biggest laugh). This woman is funny!!! And full of confidence. After seeing two minutes of Ellinor I am convinced that she can do anything and play any character in the universe. Go get ‘em Ellinor!!

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