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How To look Beautiful Without Makeup Naturally

There are various forms and brands of makeup available in the market. It is a fact that makeup adds beauty to your face and other parts of your body, helping you look beautiful and gorgeous. Do makeups have any negative effect on your skin and overall health? Have you ever asked yourself this question? The answer to this is yes, certain makeups contain very harmful ingredients that do not only affect your skin but also penetrate the skin into the blood stream. It is not surprising that certain makeups are prohibited in some countries after scientific studies have established that they contribute to the occurrence of various diseases including cancer of the skin.

With the possibility of such risk in mind, what other safe alternative is there? Well, you can look good without using any makeup. There is nothing that can rival natural beauty, that is a fact, and there is no one who does not appreciate natural beauty. The following tips should help you look good naturally and forget about ever using makeup:

  • The first step in looking good without makeup is resorting to a healthy diet. It is very important to stick to a healthy and nutritious diet. Make it a practice to include varied fruits and vegetables in your diet. These provide your body with varied minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids that are very necessary for good health of your body including your skin and hair. You should also make it a practice to drink adequate amount of water on a daily basis to keep your body and skin properly hydrated.
  • Lack of adequate sleep has a negative effect on your body. While lack of adequate sleep on a regular basis easily leads high levels of stress and other mental problems, your skin also suffers and you can easily have pre-mature aging of the skin. The formation of wrinkles becomes very easy. Note also that certain body processes that are beneficial to your skin only take place when you sleep. Make it a practice to attain at least eight hours of undisturbed sleep. Make it a routine to go to bed and get up at a specific time.
  • Proper hygiene plays a major role in attaining good health and healthy skin. To do without makeup, make it a practice to cleanse your face twice a day with a good cleanser instead of soap. By doing so, you will be removing dead skin cells, germs and dirt from skin pores. You will easily have contained the eruption of acne. It will serve you good to apply a moisturizer after cleansing to make your facial skin soft and smooth.
  • Because how you package your facial features contribute to your beauty, it is important to give them a treat occasionally. You cannot ignore your eyebrows as they help maintain your facial appearance. Use tweezers to give them good shape. It will also be great to work on your hair. Note that a healthy and nutritious diet will not only lead to healthy skin; you will obtain healthy and strong hair too. Beautify your hair through shampooing to maintain its condition.

With or without makeup, your clothing speaks volumes about you. In order to look good without makeup, invest in trendy and stylish clothes and accessories that enhance your natural beauty. Your choice of color should ideally match your skin color and that of any accessories you wear.

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