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Campo Marzio – The Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle Brand For Women

Campo Marzio is an premium Italian lifestyle brand that produces and sources signature products and accessories around the world. Established in the 1930s as a small shop in Bottega Artigiana, that  specialized in the manufacturing of unique and uncommon fountain pens, has today become an international brand offering originality and creativity in all its products and accessories.

Campo Marzio in the last 80 years have come to be known as a strong fashion concept brand, for its cosmopolitan style, artistic edge and original leather. It has stayed true to it’s values over the years and has maintained its authentic artisan heritage through its quality products.  Campo Marzio is a lifestyle brand that embodies the very soul of Italian tradition: through its unique style, imagination and creativity.

From producing accessories to corporate products, Campo Marzio has proved itself to be the a highly cosmopolitan, luxury brand that is surprisingly affordable. The brand produces original leather products for personal, business and travel use. From desk accessories for women to original women briefcases, Campo Marzio offers a huge leather collection for women to work in style.

Products and accessories produced by Campo Marzio are both stylish and functional, wonderfully colorful and affordable. Campo Marzio does not only aim to provide luxury to its customers, but they want to dazzle them with their premium quality collections. Following are Campo Marzio’s premium quality product range directed at women from Campo Marzio bags to leather briefcases:

1. Nylon / Leather Backpack


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Leather / Nylon backpacks by Campo Marzio are ideal for women who like to travel in style. These bags are perfect for carrying notebooks and laptops. They are large enough for carrying all your modern essential. It makes the perfect laptop bag for traveling and is ideally suited for women who are on the go. It can easily accommodate a 15 inch laptop computer and plenty of extra essentials. In addition to that, this Campo Marzio bags also have dual zippers, interior pockets and soft handles.

2. 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve

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This Campo Marzio laptop holder is made from Saffiano finish eco-leather, which gives this holder an edge over most of the other laptop sleeves, that comes in various colors and beautiful styles. This laptop sleeve offers elegance, style and functionality while protecting all your expensive devices.

3. Tote Bag

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Campo Marzio’s tote bags are the best eco friendly bags in the market made from soft leather. They come in a variety of colour contrasts to suit your different moods and modes. These sophisticated no fuss, no glitz tote bag are perfect for taking anywhere you like. That’s not all, Campo Marzio tote bag comes with an extra detachable pouch that completes this elegant and chic lightweight versatile bag.

4. Mini Bag

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Mini bag by Campo Marzio is made from premium quality original leather with details in gold metal. It comes with an elegant adjustable shoulder strap. Mini bag is Ideal to store your cards and other essentials, providing a touch of light and originality to any evening outfits. Campo Marzio mini bags are perfect for formal and informal events, offering a chic and minimal mood. This mini bag is the right transition accessory from work to an evening out.

5. 15 inch PC Bag

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Campo Marzio has produced an elegant PC bag for the women that comes with a coloured eco-leather. It is easier to carry around your shoulder and offers a lot of flexibility. It is available in a range of modern colours with comfortable handles and additional shoulder straps providing the customer ease and comfort in carrying his computer.

This 15 inch computer bag for women is ideal for travelling in style and large enough for tucking in all your modern essentials, such as, papers, notebooks, laptop, iPad and much more.

6. iPad Holder Zip

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Campo Marzio’s iPad holder zip is made from Saffiano finish eco-leather. They are a step above many iPad holders because of their beautiful style and range of colours. iPad holder has a top zipper opening and a side zip compartment to protect your iPad.  The holder has trimming in contrast colour, providing it elegance and functionality while protecting your expensive device.

7. Wallets

Campo Marzio produces the most colourful genuine leather wallets for women that are entirely made in Italy. They captivate women who appreciate sophisticated accessories and traditional design. Campo Marzio offers a wide collection of womens wallets, that are perfect for carrying and taking anywhere they like, such as, formal and informal events. Always giving women the a complete and fresh look.

8. Writing Instruments

Campo Marzio presents a vast range of writing products in eye-catching models and colors. Campo Marzio pens collection offers a wide range of designs, sizes and textures, but each product maintains it’s own unique style. The quality of materials and the comfort of use carry Campo Marzio’s signature style. From elegant and formal Fountain Pens, to the modern Roller and rechargeable pens, Campo Marzio offers writing instruments that are perfect for everyday use. Discover a new and elegant way of writing with Campo Marzio.

Today Campo Marzio is well recognized all over the globe. Over the course of 80 years, it has become an international brand that has applied fashion to writing instruments and to everything else that revolves around women. Campo Marzio has successfully turned common leather and stationery products into fashion accessories for women, adding style, elegance and color to everyday life.

That is why Campo Marzio is always regarded as the perfect gift idea by majority of customers. Products by Campo Marzio reflect the passion with which they are produced. The brand has also introduced portable boxes for women in which they can store their bijoux and watches. They are also known as Jewel boxes that are perfect for travel. These boxes have in them pockets and compartments that can accommodate any kind of bijoux. Thus Campo Marzio has proved itself to be the best lifestyle brand for women.

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