photography by  Michael Roud

photography by Michael Roud

Birgit Ludemann is one of those women who can play just about any part that’s given to her. Put an automatic weapon in her hands and she’ll load it, cock it and hit a target before you can say ‘dainty.’ She can also portray women who are beautiful, sexy, feminine, sultry and alluring, even though they may not think that they are, as she did in the award-winning film Fives.

The superbly talented Birgit played the lead role in the movie Fives. It was about a girl who thought of herself as simply average and so she didn’t have the courage to tell her co-worker that she liked him. She felt unworthy. Of course when a vibrant and outwardly sexy woman came on the scene, it made Birgit’s character, Meghan believe that there was no hope and there never would be any for her. This was a terrific movie that spotlighted Birgit’s extraordinary acting skills. We certainly don’t want to give away any more spoilers so you’ll just have to see the film for yourself.

The director of Fives, by the way, is the highly accomplished Luciana Capela, who Birgit loves working with. Like Birgit, Luciana has such a long resumé of all the projects she’s been involved with in the film industry that she needs to hire someone just to carry it around for her. Fives has been selected to be screened at numerous international film festivals, following in the footsteps of many of Luciana’s award-winning films. Luciana praised her cast in Fives, saying among other things that Birgit brought the villain of the story to the film and portrayed the character with a human and realistic approach. She also said that her cast made all the difference to the success of the film and that “Fives is a film that has a very inspiring message.”

Birgit has portrayed leading characters in countless productions that allowed her to showcase her wide range of stunning acting talents. Besides Fives, Birgit starred in Maquisard, Fool’s Errand and Stay. She’s also played a lead in Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman, with Jane Seymour and was the lead in Die Boland Moorde, a South African crime drama TV series. Birgit was also cast in a lead role in the upcoming feature Western Credence, and in another collaboration with director Luciana Capela, Birgit plays a lead in the much talked about full-length motion picture, Demystifying Love, which will be released in 2018. Mac Daddy’s Vegas Adventure, the highly entertaining big screen film that stars C. Thomas Howell and features Birgit’s many considerable talents, is scheduled to be released in December 2016.

Birgit, who is of German heritage, was born in South Africa and is multi-lingual. Although brought up in South Africa, she was raised German and German was her first language, as well as English and Afrikaans. In one of the many feature films she’s had lead roles in, Cans and Candles, she was able to tap into her inner Germanic resources and speak German in the movie since the dialogue in the film was in both English and German. It is very obvious that Birgit can portray any character that is written, and apparently, she can do it convincingly in at least three languages.

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