Can’t wait to see Amber Elizabeth again! I met her in Los Angeles last year when she was here from London studying at the world famous Groundlings School. Yes, I was surprised too. I thought she was only interested in being a serious actress like Meryl Streep, Keira Knightley and Jennifer Lawrence. When I mentioned this to her she politely corrected me and told me that those same women were very serious actresses who could play anycharacter under the sun and that’s what made them so great. She also told me that each of those actresses along with dozens of other famous actresses have all done comedy roles in their career and they were highly successful at it. In other words, Amber said gently, she intended to perfect her acting skills in every genre that she could.

Smart woman. She has approached acting quite systematically and it has paid off. She’s been in numerous stageplays, including 12 Angry Men, Oliver and the role of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. She’s been in numerous short films and tons of commercials and several feature films including, Me Before You. Her mastery of accents is amazing and it makes you wonder if she didn’t have a secret pact with Ms. Streep to take over her place in the annals of accent masters when she gives it up.

Amber said she was coming back to Los Angeles this year for business. Apparently she has several interviews lined up along with meetings with producers and directors. She is in demand for TV, films and commercials in London and we think she should just move over here to L.A. permanently and be in-demand here too. Perhaps after her interviews and meetings she’ll see what she’s missing and hopefully decide to stick around for the long term.

Hollywood could use a refreshing presence like Amber Elizabeth. Her genuine smile and beautiful eyes will certainly win over huge audiences in the states, just like she’s done in the UK. She could practically pick her roles because there’s really no one else like her in the business today. She’s got style, honesty, a genuineness that’s rare…and she can act. So, next time I see Amber, I’m going to personally invite her to stay – if you all don’t mind.

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