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Planning a Fun Girl’s Night Out

When most people think of a wild night out on the town, they picture a group of guys drinking way too much and making huge mistakes. However, a much better situation to imagine is a group of girls getting dressed up for a fun night out on the town. There is nothing more classic than the perfect girl’s night out, and there are plenty of occasions where this is the ideal fit for a memorable evening.

Anything from a birthday celebration to a bachelorette party are common reasons why a girl’s night out is put together, but there’s no hard and fast rule that says you can’t put one together for some spurt of the moment fun. However, not all girl’s nights out are created equally, so here are a few tips to help you make the most of your fun adventure.


First things first, you’ll need to get around on your girl’s night out, and you might as well do it in style. If your budget allows, try to get the girls to chip in for either a party bus or a limo so you can roll in luxury and comfort. If that’s not an option, try to get on of your husbands or boyfriends to chauffer you around on demand. It’s not as glamourous as a real limo, but you get some extra cool points if it’s your significant other that offers to do the driving.

Going Dancing

Dancing is always a great choice for a girl’s night out, so make sure you scope out which local nightclubs have the best DJ and dance scene in your area. Also, you should try to buy bottle service at the club rather than buying one drink at a time. Not only is it much cheaper to buy bottle service, but they also have sparklers for bottle service that they attach to your champagne or other spirit before it comes out to make your group the center of attention while you get to sit in the VIP section. All in all, it’s definitely worth the upfront expense.

Heading to a Concert

Concerts are another popular choice for entertainment on a girl’s night out, but you need to make sure everyone is on board. Not everyone wants to see the same musicians live in concert, so sometimes it can be difficult to get everyone to agree to go. Just make sure you do your homework to make sure all of your girlfriends will enjoy the show and you should be alright.

Whether you’re headed to the nightclub or to your favorite musician’s show, a girl’s night out is a fun way to build lasting memories with your best friends. Just make sure everyone will have a great time where you’ve chosen to go and you have a sweet way to get around and planning your girl’s night out won’t be difficult at all.

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