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Maria B Bridal Designs 2015-2016

Maria B, recently joined the top designer brands of Pakistan and with such a great news she has just released a very impressive and beautiful catalog of her latest bridal and formals wear fashion designs 2015-2016. Well, we have had the impression for such a long time that she is one of the top brand of Pakistan and now after having it officially announced it seems that she really has a reason to celebrate and to make you a part of it she has released a very beautiful catalog of formals wear which are now in stores.


MariaB Brides wear-15-16



Maria B’s latest catalog of fashion designs released this month, these outfits are also been featured in latest magazine of fashion wear and it seems that she is going to make quit a name for herself internationally as well, her outfits are not in the range of everyone’s budget and that’s why we believe that for those who are really expecting something from her should really consider buying these amazing fashion wear.

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